Cooking Up Better

You Spoke - We Listened

You Spoke - We Listened

Over the last two years we at Andy’s diner have focused on community relations. During this time we have become an integral part of the local community, working with various organizations like the YMCA. Through these relationships, we have been given valuable feedback from both current and former guests of the restaurants. Based on these shared observations, Andy has decided it’s time to step up and “Cook up a new commitment to quality for our community.”

“We are excited about having become such a big part of our local community” said Chef Andy , who has been running diners throughout the state for decades. “We are excited about what the future holds for us and very proud of our renewed commitment to our customers.”  As anyone in business knows, the first two years are crucial, so hitting this landmark is big for any business. “Our goal has always been to be the place where people have their family dinner, stop by for a hearty lunch or simply enjoy a great breakfast with family and friends.”

You spoke and we listened.

Because Andy and everyone at Andy’s Diner have been and continue to be fully committed to the local community and the customer experience, the feedback we received from the community was taken seriously. “It was important for us to know what to focus on and where to start,” said Andy. After reviewing customer comments and evaluating our business, Andy decided that the first thing he would improve was the consistency of their menu.

Andy headed to the kitchen, worked directly with the head chefs, and together they fine-tuned their recipes. This group effort and joint commitment to quality and consistency resulted in updated recipes and a new training program. As part of our focus on community integration, Andy has announced that Andy’s Diner will be sharing select cooking videos with the public. As a member of the Andy’s Diner and Pub Club you will be able to access these recipes and get special offers sent directly to your inbox.

As a special thank you to the community, we will be attending two community events in September where we will promote our new commitment to quality and community, so make sure you stop by and see us at this years Pike Fest on September 16th and Wing and Wheels on September 9th.